Profiles: Levi Baer of Coffee & Conversation

Welcome to Profiles, an on-going series showcasing some of the great companies and projects created by the Coffee & Conversation community members. 

The pieces will feature short interviews that not only showcase was the companies have to offer, but also offer some insight to the entrepreneur process. In the spirit of collaboration, a pillar of the C&C community, we'll share ways we can all further our work, and Do More Together!

We're kicking it off with the profile of Coffee & Conversation itself:

Photo by Josh Macwan of  Relax Photography

Levi: Twitter - Instagram - Website

C&C: Twitter - Instagram - Website

What is one major accomplishment you have had with your business recently?

Organizations have begun to ask if C&C can be hosted in their space, which is an amazing leap from how I used to rack my brain trying to think of where we can go next. It means that C&C has grown so much that other people see the value of it, even without attending, and want that value in their space.


What is coming up for you and your business that we should be on the look out for?

Our next great gathering will be September 17 at Next Door Chicago!


What does collaboration and abundance mean to you?

To me it means that we don't have to be as afraid of being stuck or even failing because we can always go to the community for the resources and guidance we need. Even though I am mostly in operations mode at C&C meet ups nowadays, I still leave the events feeling the "can do" spirit that permeates the room and have a handful of new connections that are going to further my work.


What is one tip you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Create some version of your product or service and get it out there in the world pretty much as fast as possible. Get testers, users, and feedback. You never know how it is going to grow and change and it may take some humility to be open to that feedback, especially when our ideas are our babies, but it can be invaluable to stay flexible.


What is one person, place, or thing in Chicago you have your eye on right now?

Victor Saad at the Experience Institute, as they launch an online course version of their program called Leap Course. I'm fascinated by online content lately, and they work in a similar field as me, of empowering others, so I'm excited to watch a leader in this field take on video.


Anything else you'd like to add?

C&C is one of the projects and accomplishments I'm most proud of :)