Our Saturday-morning meetup takes place at a new location each month so we can explore and connect with more of Chicago’s vibrant entrepreneur landscape firsthand. Drop us a line if you’d like to host, or have a recommendation for a great space we can partner with next. See our previous location partners below.

August 2016: Hokin Gallery at Columbia College

The Hokin Project, an arts management practicum course, provides gallery management, exhibition, curatorial, and design experience for students of all majors. The Project presents the work of the Columbia College Chicago community through programs, events, and exhibitions.

July 2016: Glappitnova & Overflow Coffee Bar

Glappitnova is a collaborative community of entrepreneurs, creatives and influencers. We share stories of these people online and have an eight-day festival that unites them offline. Whether you’re in business, technology, an artist, or whatever, we’re going to provide that voice for you. But we have to keep it fresh.

Overflow Coffee Bar is a social enterprise dedicated to ethical economics and community building one cup at a time.

June 2016: Chicago Public Library - Logan Square

The 9th largest public library system in the U.S., the CPL provides, resources, media, and events for Chicago Residents.

May 2016: General Assembly Chicago

Master new skills in design, marketing, technology, and data — online or at our campuses around the world.

April 2016: Blue1647 Tech Innovation Center

BLUE1647(TM) is an entrepreneurship and technology innovation center that fosters economic development in technology and 21st Century skills through people development (classes, workshops, and events around technology), workforce development (through youth and adult technology programs to prepare individuals for high-demand jobs) and Business Acceleration (through shared coworking-services).

March 2016: Experience Institute

Design your education through experiences around the world. 

February 2016: Mac & Cheese Productions

Mac & Cheese Productions℠ is a lifestyle company focused on you finding your tribe, expanding your horizons, and feeling full through in-person events. Think adult summer-camp.

January 2016: Next Door Chicago

Your local community drop by, hang out, collaborate and learn, no-cheesy-sales-pitches-we-promise, plan-for-your-future space. 

December 2015: The Shift

The Shift provides a convenient, local work space for individuals, teams, and small businesses with all the productivity-boosting amenities of a downtown office, without the hike.

November 2015: Coalition Impact

Coalition: Impact seeks to create a vibrant gathering place for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to connect and build companies whose ideas will shape a better world. We work hard, make connections, take action, and most importantly, we think big.

October 2015: The Logan Share

The Logan Share is home to a number of seasoned and up-and-coming creative companies and professionals based in Chicago. We believe that our first job is to be great hosts to our members. Secondly, we offer a unique mix of amenities that suit professional, creative work in a open, bright environment.

September 2015: IPAINTMYMIND

IPaintMyMind is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) arts organization and our mission is to make art accessible to everyon

March 2015-September 2016: Cultural Community Center

Wicker Park's Cultural Community Center: Creating Awareness through positive change within and around the Community.